Feng Shui – The Ideal Spot & Location

What can be said to be the most ideal spot for a home, office or abode when it comes to the practice of Feng Shui? The ideal spot – according to the practices, rituals and enchanted wisdom of Feng Shui is called the “XUE” (also pronounced or referred to as (shu).

The ideal spot for a home – the XUE – will generally have a wide open space in front, what might well be called the “bright hall”, also known often as the Ming tang, with four mythical animals or wonderful spirits surrounding its entirety. The red bird can be said to be the distant front view and viewpoint, the black “tortoise” is the ever protective hill at the back. Next the azure colored dragon is to the left. To round things off, and create a full, vital and most vibrant protective circumference the white tiger figure guards to the right hand side viewpoints.

It is a matter of location, availability of property, geography, and climate and of course your overall financial budget and budgeting abilities for you to plan best and allow for a stream of water flowing wonderfully across the front of your site. In the practices and well reserved traditions of Feng Shui water is regarded both as a source of food and a means of transportation. Indeed the aboriginal natives of Canada and North America refer even today that the rivers were and still are their first highways, roadways and trails for their travels, natural source nutrition and commerce as well. Furthermore in addition it is also believed and well held that the heaven sent most vital qi down the hill and natural slopes of hillsides to be both contained, amplified and channel all towards your home or office structures.

If the best pattern and lay out of the ideal spot for an abode or business., the Xue, can be described in a simple easy to understand layout – it would be to refer to the Xue or shu as being laid out in a “protective armchair design”. Simple as that. Furthermore and in addition this basic protective shape of the Xue armchair like design, can be applied not only to the site of your home, but also and in addition to the Feng Shui of a particular room, or sets of rooms, apart from the whole house. In a manner of layout, chairs can be placed in a thoughtful and well planned out manner so that the backs of these chairs are protected and there is an open space either in front of you, your immediate guests and family members. This way of laying out your ideal spot or even spots in your home or landscaped garden areas can be so that open spaces or a single solitary open space appears immediately right in front of you, or to your garden area or yard – in which you can easily plant strategically located protective trees. Trees planted in the focused, amplified areas of downward directed qi, will flourish in great vibrant fashion and manner like nothing else in your neighborhood. If there is no hill in your immediate neighborhood areas then plant these trees toward the back areas of your yard.

Feeling safe and secure in your home and yard is not a luxury – it is a basic part and component of feelings of well being as well as integral happiness. Feng Shui!