How Often Have You Asked Yourself “Does the Law of Attraction Work?”

Does the Law of Attraction work is what everybody was asking a few years ago. After the mind- expanding film “The Secret” of Rhonda, Byrne everyone began to try to see if this incredible revelation to mankind was true or not. This law virtually states, that like attracts like and that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not!

Let me tell you of my first experience with the Law of Attraction. I decided to test myself on something “safe” and so decided not to try for a white Spanish-style villa overlooking the sea as was my dream, but to try to manifest some (believe it or not?) birds. I already had a couple of blackbirds and a solitary robin dropping in to pay me visits, but I decided, despite my huge silver-grey cat, which overseered the shady vines in my garden, that I would like to see all types of birds hopping and chattering near my window to keep me company. Does the law of attraction work I mean does it really work?” I kept asking myself? I just felt I had to find out for the sake of my sanity.

At breakfast, as I sat near the window that overlooks my garden, I tried to imagine all types of birds dodging each other for the crumbs that I had scattered on the table. My big fat grey cat, sat with me and watched. Days went by, and I was beginning to lose heart. I continuously counted the birds. Two blackbirds plus one robin made three. I must admit that my confidence in this law slowly began to ebb. I had read a story of a boy manifesting a feather, so why couldn’t I manifest a few birds? My only train of thought was, I know the law of attraction works for others but does the law of attraction work for me.? The cool spring turned into a scorching summer. Robin disappeared, and some swallows came to dip their wings in the marble bird-bath. Downhearted, I eventually got my thoughts off the birds.

With regards to the Law of Attraction, confusion can occur, because, so often, we are offering vibrations that we don’t realize we are offering. We truly believe we are thinking about something, (that is, offering a vibration about something, when, in actual fact, we are offering exactly the opposite vibration) In my example above, it was obvious that with my thought fixed on “Does the law of attraction work?” I was offering a vibration of doubt, despite my efforts to imagine flocks of birds swooping into the shade under the vines.

The other point is, that you get the balance of the essence of your thoughts. My thoughts were on birds, yes, but the balance of my thoughts were, in fact, on lack of birds! The majority of my thoughts were in opposition to my desire. Now one thing I have learnt about the Laws of Nature is this. If they are laws, they must be exact and consistent, otherwise they are not laws, and, if we want to stay in harmony with these laws, we must be consistent too. Halfheartedness is not enough.

If you asked me whether I found an answer to my question, Does the law of attraction work? I would say, yes, because since that experience, I have learnt that the essence of what I give my attention to, I get. I don’t say I am perfect but I am certainly beginning to see encouraging results.

Not the least being, one day, when I was telling a young friend of my experiment and emotionally excited about the birds I had hoped to “manifest,” a rare type of woodpecker swooped right down past the lower branches of the cherry tree, right in front of us, and stranger still, right past the my fat cat who was lazing in the sunshine. Its multicoloured blaze of colour defied all negation of a rare and magnificent experience. I often wondered, if that was the Universe telling me, if you do things properly, ie. if you play your part, I will play my part.