Achieve Lofty Levels of Shelter From the Elements With Vertical Window Blinds

Of all the types and styles presented, fabric vertical blinds are the especially greatest selection for insulating your home from the effects of external sound and weather. Whether you live in a suburban home or an efficiency urban high-rise, a familiar predicament of both situations is how to best insulate your living room from outside noise and effects of the weather. Even in your large suburban cottage, with only drapes or curtains as window blinds, you can hear the neighbors’ offspring playing some type of ball diversion, the trumpet or drums until the weather turns cold and at that moment shouting merrily to one another while sledding, building snowmen, or ice skating on the adjacent frozen pond. Yet, with installation of fabric vertical blinds as window blinds throughout the house, you can hear yourself reflect (and even hear the antique grandfather clock ticking away peacefully in your living room). And, believe it or not, in that tiny little residence in the metropolis, with no more than drapes at your front window to shield you from all the street sounds beneath, you can listen to every utterance of any strangers’ conversation, as they innocently chat about anything and everything. Although complicated to suppose, that same insignificant city apartment, with fabric vertical blinds at the windows, will be a haven of peaceful quietude. The solitary exterior clatter you may take notice of, if you are lucky and have hung the proper window blinds is the sporadic cheeping of your next-door neighbor’s pet bird.

In terms of weather effects, fabric vertical blinds are an outstanding key for subduing frosty, blowy wind-created drafts which otherwise would invade your home through any cracks (or even scarcely noticeable spacing) left without insulation around window frames and casings. In older homes that could use some transformation, cracked wood and sealant around windowpanes is liable for constantly disturbing temperatures. If decreasing heating overhead is a chief mission at your house or apartment, eye-catching fabric window blinds as insulating window blinds will, with no doubt, cut your heating energy expenditures while they add to the stylish décor of your dwelling. When fully rotated to create a vivid, elegant and mildly wind-proof guard, your fabric vertical blinds will faithfully maintain warm and pleasant interior temperatures for your comfort. And the smooth, understated action of their formed headrail and mechanism allows you to adjust the blind slat position without any extra sound or distraction. And, in spring and summer months, these same amazing, chic window blinds with their subtle textures and pleasing colors reduce incoming heat from hot sunshine and any water leaks or moisture buildup on windowpane interiors.

In addition, the tall, slim slats of your fabric vertical blinds can be purchased in varying degrees of thickness, which is of use when window blinds are needed to control exterior noise, as well as chilling conditions caused by stormy weather. Even though imprinted vinyl vertical blinds also make available comparable protection from noise and organic elements, the most effective and cost-efficient where noise level and window insulation are concerned are fabric vertical blinds. Fashionable as they are, to many homeowners and apartment dwellers, their main attraction is that of controlling year-round outside weather and noise influence on your heating or cooling bills and on your ability to have true peace and quiet for the benefits of your home and your sanity.

Fabric vertical blinds are also helpful in discouraging visits from unsolicited animal guests arriving to land on your window sills, peering in while you’re having a meeting of the neighborhood ruling body in your living room, or serving an intimate dinner party in your multiple-windowed dining room with its glass-wall effects. While cute and amusing at times, a group of bushy-tailed squirrels cracking nuts at your windows while you hand out the hors d’oeuvres-or the occasional owl hooting absurdly and sarcastically at your jokes is not only distracting, but takes away from the beauty of the otherwise calm setting. With the support of your attractive fabric vertical blinds, however, you can entertain in grace and privacy minus your animal kingdom audience.

The Purple Martin Connection

East of the Rocky Mountains, Purple Martins almost exclusively nest in birdhouses provided by humans. This bond between man and bird did not always exist, of course. It evolved over centuries naturally and likely by accident. Now that Purple Martins are so dependent upon us for their housing, it becomes incumbent upon us to foster this uniquely beautiful relationship. Let us briefly explore how this bond became so strong, and examine the opportunity it gives us to step into our roles as stewards and caretakers – rather than ravagers – of the natural world.

Originally, Purple Martins nested in abandoned woodpecker holes, decaying trees, or wherever they could find a cavity big enough to contain their nest. Native Americans initiated the human connection with the birds. Gourds were hollowed out and hung from poles or tree branches to cure, to be later used as water vessels. The people were probably surprised when first they saw a pair of steel-blue martins making a cozy abode in their beverage ware!

Later, European colonists and frontiersmen took note of the ties between Purple Martins and the Natives. In 1831, a man named Alexander Wilson observed, “Even the solitary Indian seems to have a particular respect for this bird.” [“Thanks to Native Americans, Purple Martins Underwent a Complete Tradition Shift” – James R. Hill, III] The Native Americans may have nurtured the relationship with Purple Martins because of the massive amounts of insects they eat. (It is important to understand, though, that mosquitoes are not on the martins’ menu; that myth was an invention of unscrupulous marketers trying to sell more birdhouses!) It is also quite possible that the Natives simply enjoyed the aerobatic feats of these nimble flyers, as many people do today.

As people expanded into the Purple Martins’ territory, there were fewer and fewer places for martins and other birds to nest. Luckily, people already knew how to provide homes for the martins, at least in a rudimentary fashion.

However, our encroachment continued, and the pressure on Purple Martin populations increased exponentially. Urban expansion, suburban sprawl, road building, deforestation, river damming, and many of our other activities nearly spelled the end for the enchanting, gregarious martins.

Finally, concerned citizens began to try to reverse the downward trend in the number of Purple Martins. New types of housing were developed, eventually evolving into the multi-unit bird apartments that can now be seen all across the eastern half of the United States and southeastern Canada. The designs and specifications of Purple Martin birdhouses continue to change as we learn more about these wonderful birds. The large, mansion-like houses, made of wood, plastic, aluminum, or some combination of these, supplanted the natural gourds as the favorites of Purple Martin landlords; but the gourds, like the martins themselves, are making a comeback. Many people spend days carving and curing gourds to hang from wires or mount on poles. The birdhouse manufacturers have also thrown their hats into the ring, producing durable, attractive artificial Purple Martin gourds that the birds seem to love.

The Purple Martin enthusiasts began to spread the word about the plight of the birds, and, over time, more and more people ventured into the realm of Purple Martin landlording. The number of martins nesting in the U.S. and Canada has rebounded significantly, though the population is still meager in comparison to its former size.

The prevalence of competitors like European Starlings and English House Sparrows, coupled with the effects of human society will prevent Purple Martins from reestablishing their former number, but there is no reason why they cannot have a robust and healthy population. Their fate is now in our hands. We, who initiated the Purple Martin Connection so long ago, can make all the difference.

How Often Have You Asked Yourself “Does the Law of Attraction Work?”

Does the Law of Attraction work is what everybody was asking a few years ago. After the mind- expanding film “The Secret” of Rhonda, Byrne everyone began to try to see if this incredible revelation to mankind was true or not. This law virtually states, that like attracts like and that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not!

Let me tell you of my first experience with the Law of Attraction. I decided to test myself on something “safe” and so decided not to try for a white Spanish-style villa overlooking the sea as was my dream, but to try to manifest some (believe it or not?) birds. I already had a couple of blackbirds and a solitary robin dropping in to pay me visits, but I decided, despite my huge silver-grey cat, which overseered the shady vines in my garden, that I would like to see all types of birds hopping and chattering near my window to keep me company. Does the law of attraction work I mean does it really work?” I kept asking myself? I just felt I had to find out for the sake of my sanity.

At breakfast, as I sat near the window that overlooks my garden, I tried to imagine all types of birds dodging each other for the crumbs that I had scattered on the table. My big fat grey cat, sat with me and watched. Days went by, and I was beginning to lose heart. I continuously counted the birds. Two blackbirds plus one robin made three. I must admit that my confidence in this law slowly began to ebb. I had read a story of a boy manifesting a feather, so why couldn’t I manifest a few birds? My only train of thought was, I know the law of attraction works for others but does the law of attraction work for me.? The cool spring turned into a scorching summer. Robin disappeared, and some swallows came to dip their wings in the marble bird-bath. Downhearted, I eventually got my thoughts off the birds.

With regards to the Law of Attraction, confusion can occur, because, so often, we are offering vibrations that we don’t realize we are offering. We truly believe we are thinking about something, (that is, offering a vibration about something, when, in actual fact, we are offering exactly the opposite vibration) In my example above, it was obvious that with my thought fixed on “Does the law of attraction work?” I was offering a vibration of doubt, despite my efforts to imagine flocks of birds swooping into the shade under the vines.

The other point is, that you get the balance of the essence of your thoughts. My thoughts were on birds, yes, but the balance of my thoughts were, in fact, on lack of birds! The majority of my thoughts were in opposition to my desire. Now one thing I have learnt about the Laws of Nature is this. If they are laws, they must be exact and consistent, otherwise they are not laws, and, if we want to stay in harmony with these laws, we must be consistent too. Halfheartedness is not enough.

If you asked me whether I found an answer to my question, Does the law of attraction work? I would say, yes, because since that experience, I have learnt that the essence of what I give my attention to, I get. I don’t say I am perfect but I am certainly beginning to see encouraging results.

Not the least being, one day, when I was telling a young friend of my experiment and emotionally excited about the birds I had hoped to “manifest,” a rare type of woodpecker swooped right down past the lower branches of the cherry tree, right in front of us, and stranger still, right past the my fat cat who was lazing in the sunshine. Its multicoloured blaze of colour defied all negation of a rare and magnificent experience. I often wondered, if that was the Universe telling me, if you do things properly, ie. if you play your part, I will play my part.

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